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Computer Scrap Prices
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We Only Pay For Items at Nelson Rd. Location

Due to COVID-19 We are only Accepting Bulk Items of 1000lbs or more Please email us at To schedule an appointment.

All loads must be sorted . Unsorted loads will be paid at lower prices.
All prices subject to change without notice due to market changes.
Please remove batteries and excess aluminum and steel - Loads will be paid at a lower price if not done.Motherboard prices are bulk price 50lbs or more.
Circuit Boards LB
All P4 Small Socket / Metal Socket Green / Colored motherboard $1.60
Large Socket (All Colors - Slot, P3 and older) $3.65
Small Socket / Metal Socket Motherboard COLORED (no batteries) $1.60
Finger Board Trimmed/Devalued - Mid Grade High $2.00
Finger Boards (Only need to remove OVERSIZED heatsinks, battery... metal bracket is OK) $4.00
Dual Socket Server Boards - Large Socket $4.25
Dual Socket Server Boards - Small Socket $2.65
Telecom (Paid on Sort) $3 - 8
CD/DVD Boards (please remove ribbon wire and brown board if attached) $3.00
Midgrade - Green Board $1.75
Laptop Motherboard Boards $4.00
Cable Box DVR Board $1.75
Large Router Board , Ethernet Switches High End ( CISCO - SUN and Same) $3.75
Wireless Router Boards Low End (Linksys - Netgear - Belkin and Same) $1.50
Memory and Gold Scrap LB CPU's LB
RAMBUS (Memory with METAL Enclosure) $6.00 Intel 386 and 486 $120
Hard Drive Boards $9.00 Motorola $100
Cell Phone Boards CLEAN $9.00 Pentium Pro Gold Caps $75
Gold Memory $16.00 Cyrix/IBM/VIA Gold Cap $35
Silver/Tin Memory $7.75 Pentium 1 Ceramic $35
4gb DDR3 & Larger Memory
Can't Be Damaged
$25 AMD Ceramic Clean (without Al. Cap)
Gold Fingers $20 Green/Brown Fiber
Gold Connectors $.65 Slot CPU $12
Cell Phones w/o battery $4.00 Pentium-4 with pins
Cell Phone W/ battery $2.75 Intel Pinless
Hard Drives with Boards $.50 Core i3 i5 i7 $15
Hard Drives w/o Boards $.25 Batteries and UPS LB
Hard Drives Punched with Boards $.35 Li-Ion (Cell Phone) $.70
Shredded Hard Drives w/o Boards $.15 Li-Ion (Laptop Battery) $.70
Floppy Drives/CD Drives/DVD Drives $.10 Li-ion (Other Devices) $.30
Power Supply w/wire $.22 Lead Acid $.25
Power Supply w/o Wire $.15 UPS W/ Batteries $.18
Copper Aluminum Heat Sinks $.40 UPS W/O Batteries $.10
Clean Aluminum Heat Sinks $.30 Power Adapters LB
Docking Station $.10 AC Adapter w/ Wire $.20
PC's - LAPTOPS - MONITORS LB AC Adapter w/o Wire $.10
PC / Laptop Win 7,8,10 (Click Here)   Network - Cable Boxes LB
Complete PC's P3 and Below $.25 Network Router $.40
Incomplete PC's P3 and Below $.20 Cable Box Digital $.25
Complete P4 PC's All components $.25 Cable Box DVR $.35
Incomplete P4 PC's  $.20 Cable Box Analog $.10
Laptop Complete $1.25 Digital Phone $.18
Laptop Incomplete $.85 Cable Modem $.40
LCD 15" Monitor each $.00 Credit Card Machines LB
LCD 17" Monitor & Above each $.00 Digital $.40
Cracked LCD $0 Analog $.10
Server Complete $.35    
Server Incomplete $.20    
Printer and Misc. LB    
Printers, scanners and other scrap metal $.00    
Plastic all colors $-.06    
Packaging $-.06