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Disposal Process

Electronic Disposal Process

Today as never before selecting the right electronics recycler is imperative. With increasing regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency and federal legislation Sarbanes-Oxley,Gramm-Leach-Bliley, or HIPAA you need to make the best choice possible in how you recycle your electronics. At Ohio Drop Off we pride ourselves on providing the most secure computer recycling programs available today. Our electronic recycling process has been developed over many years of experience working with businesses and government agencies intent on making sure their electronics are recycled in a socially responsible and secure manner.

Monitor Disposal

Asset tags are removed from the monitor and depending monitors that still have useful life may be reconditioned and sold through our monitor reseller channels other monitors that are damaged or unusable are carefully dismantled. The plastic carcass surrounding your screen is recycled using established plastic recyclers. The metallic components, e.g. copper yoke, shadow mask and circuit boards are stripped away and sent for precious, ferrous and non-ferrous metal recovery. The rear of the tube containing the leaded funnel and neck glass is separated from the lead free panel glass, ensuring no cross contamination of the two different glass types. The Panel has the phosphor coating removed and is separately treated leaving a clean glass ready for reuse. The leaded glass is crushed and processed in an electrolytic converter. The process results in two distinct re-usable streams of clean, molten glass and lead. Both can be immediately re-used as valuable raw materials with no further processing.

Computer Systems, Printers, and other electronics

Our clients may chose from several options for data destruction based on their security requirements. If data destruction needs to be performed as part of the electronic recycling process we offer on-site and off-site data destruction that meets or exceeds DoD/NSA/NIST/PCI specifications through Safe Data Destruction. Asset tags are removed from the item and depending on the scope of work, electronics that still have useful life may be reconditioned and sold through our computer reseller channels or donated to one of the many charities we support. If the computer has no or limited value as a whole unit, it is then sent through a de-manufacturing process where useful components may be harvested, and other base components like metals, plastics, and circuit boards are separated for further processing.

Ohio Drop Off

Utilizes an intelligent reuse process. Our goal is to extend the useful life of the Computer and its components as much as possible thereby decreasing the demand for brand new equipment and reducing the overall waste stream. We also provide a closed loop recycling option for clients that prefer to have their computers recycled completely.

Further processing consists of dismantling the item and separating it into various types of materials, i.e. plastic, metals, and circuit boards. All plastics are then sent to established plastic recyclers where they are shredded into bit sized pieces then melted down. Metals are sent to various metal recycling facilities based on their type. This in turn saves the environment from costly and environmentally harmful mining operations.

All of Ohio Drop Off processing centers comply with EPA regulations and maintain a Zero-landfill e-scrap process for electronics recycling. This ensures all assets which pass through our processing centers are recycled in a green manner. Ohio Drop Off has also implemented our own Restricted Export Policy, minimizing the amount and types of assets being sold outside of U.S. borders.